Address: Hadfus 1, Givat Shaul, Jerusalem

Opening hours: Sunday to Thursday: 10:00-22:00, Friday and holiday eves: 10:00 until an hour before Shabbat

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Olympus Staff

I was first exposed to the fitness world at age 14 when I decided that I needed to lose 25kg. Within half a year, I reached my goal. I trained 3-4 times a week for 5 years with no specific goals, during which I realized that I wanted to enter into the fitness profession. Over the years I gained much experience in the areas of strength training and functional fitness training combining explosive power and aerobic activity.

After joining a combat unit in the IDF, I underwent a special fitness trainer’s course in order to be able to professionally train my fellow recruits.

My motto

The body is an amazing machine that is able to reach impressive goals - one just needs to know how to train correctly and to remember that we are working out our bodies, not our egos. Therefore, you must begin by focusing on correct technique and only afterward work on building strength and flexibility. This is the best way to maintain and improve our range of motion and to allow our muscles to progress correctly, safely and reach maximum potential.

Ofek Tsarom  Head Coach 

Personal trainer and health consultant

Weightlifting Basics coach

crossfit L1 trainer


Functional Fitness?

This is a type of training that combines complex movements we use daily. It focuses on using a number of joints in order to create one smooth movement.

Lifting a heavy object from the floor.


Lifting a heavy object from shoulder to overhead.


These types of workouts have a number of benefits! Flexibility, stability, coordination and strength. Functional fitness is suitable for 99% of the population - for beginners, experienced athletes and for rehabilitation purposes.

Welcome to olympus


Olympus is a functional fitness studio which offers its members a variety of services and is suitable for all types of athletes - from beginners who have zero background in physical exercise to extremely experienced athletes. Olympus offers both CrossFit and Olympic Weightlifting classes. Our balanced program is announced daily and is suitable for all levels of athlete.

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Olympus offers its members an extremely flexible schedule and is unique in that it is open throughout the entire day! From 10AM-10PM.

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330 nis per month

 students: 320 nis

 defense force: 310 nis 

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350 nis per month

 students: 340 nis

defense forces: 330 nis

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370 nis

 students/defense force: 360 nis